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November 18, 2009


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Great column and great episodes all - my daughter just bought me for my birthday The Definitive Edition, Season 2 of the Twilight Zone and there were several memorable ones there as well: The Trouble With Templeton about an actor living in the past; The Silence about an unusual bet; and the classic Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up? I also like the two Jack Klugman starring episodes, where he's a pool player with Jonathan Winters; and another where he is a trumpet player who meets another musician named Gabe (played by the actor who played Judge Landis in Eight Men Out).

Lisa Swan

Very cool - I wish somebody would gift me with a Twilight Zone DVD. As it is now, all I have is taping episodes off Syfy!


I've seen them all except for that one about raising the dead... Good stuff. I would add to that the one where the bus breaks down, and everyone is at the diner, and they try and figure out which one of them is an alien... That's my favorite one I think.


Off I go to add these DVDs to the Netflix queue!! I remember some but definitely not all, but what a great show! Cheers!

"Paul from Boston"

Sogn Mill-Scout

These are great, Lisa; I share your take for the most part. In particular, ‘Number Twelve’ seems unjustly obscure, and is a truly creepy ep with a message that may well prove prescient - maybe not in its specifics, but in the convergence of technology & our society's obsession with beauty & youth.

@Jonmouk71: I think all 4 Klugmans are excellent; he did one of the 4th season 1-hr eps (‘Death Ship’) that, IMO, is one of the best of a slightly weak (IMO) season.

I own the set of DVDs for all 5 seasons. I can't recommend that investment enough for fans, since SciFi - excuse me, "SyFy" - butchers the eps for more ad room. A couple are missing moments that are key to the plot; the wonderful ‘Kick the Can’ comes to mind.

Of Lisa's 10 picks I like ‘The Obsolete Man’ best. I think 3 of Meredith's 4 Zones are good to great; alas, ‘Mr Dingle the Strong’ is one of those failed comedic attempts, but it's still fun to watch Meredith.


I put up link for your new site on my blog tonight, Lisa. Nice start to it...

Lisa Swan

Thanks, everyone, for your responses. I added the Twilight Zone DVD set to my Amazon wish list. Ya never know!

In the meantime, I have all the SyFy TZ episodes tape automatically on my DVR, and I've seen a few clunkers lately. "Cavender Is Coming" is called the worst Twilight Zone episode by the fan base, but "From Agnes - With Love" also deserves a few votes!

Sogn Mill-Scout

For years I deemed ‘Cavender’ the worst Zone, but recently I sat through the excruciating ‘From Agnes - With Love’ for the first time in many years, and as repugnant as Cavender is, ‘Agnes’ is truly blood-curdling!

I always thought ‘The Bewitchin' Pool’ might instead be the worst, but the poignant premise slightly redeems it. However, the acting & other execution aspects are terrible.

IMO,‘What's in the Box’ and ‘The Brain Center at Whipple's’ are also abominations - by the very high TZ standards, of course.

Marc Pellerin

I especially liked the episode where the strait-laced Franklin is chased around by the slot machine. SyFy hardly ever shows this one.

Em Kae

For a truly "forgotten episode" check out THE ENCOUNTER from season 5, first aired May 1 1964.
This episode was pulled from regular USA syndication due to it's controversial "racial overtones".

I've only seen it one time; during the 80's. It's never included in the Twilight Zone marathons even to this day!

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